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§1 […] testaments of Norwegian culture and social life should be preserved and be available as source material for research and documentation.1

Ambition for Digital Preservation

Ensure the protection of, and meaningful access to, national digital cultural heritage for current and future generations.

Goals for Digital Preservation

  • Digital content for digital preservation shall be received using efficient and standardized machine solutions.
  • Digital content shall be protected against unintended access, alteration, loss, or damage.
  • The National Library shall at all times know what digital content is being preserved, its provenance, its condition, and what has been done to it.
  • Digitally preserved content shall be accessible for dissemination now and in the future.


  • Integrity: It is easy to alter digital content, and it can be challenging to maintain and verify its integrity.
  • Data Size and Volume: Increasing amounts of data challenge existing solutions for management, storage, and security of the digital collection.
  • Technological Change: Risk that digital content becomes unusable or incomprehensible when software and hardware become outdated, and the diversity of file formats/variants of formats increases.
  • Professional Competence: Lack of professional resources can limit the ability to carry out digital preservation.
  • Changes in Usage Patterns: Unpredictability in terms of who will want access to and retrieve different parts of the preserved content and how it will be used.

Strategic areas of focus

  • Developing expertise: Build expertise in digital preservation and have a good knowledge of current practices in the field. Actively contribute to national and international initiatives and share experiences.
  • Standardization: Establish uniform, standardized, and automated handling of digital content and metadata.
  • Technology: Further develop and ensure robust and scalable technological infrastructure that adheres to the principles2 for managing digital content in a secure and sustainable manner. This includes both software, hardware, and other infrastructure.