Digital preservation at the National Library of Norway

Ambitions, Goals, and Strategy for Digital Preservation at the National Library

The Digital Preservation Team at the National Library (NLN) has developed its first strategy for digital preservation. This strategy aims to steer, structure, and sharpen the focus of our digital preservation efforts over the coming two years. Strategy Design In developing the strategy, we aimed for writing a short and precise document. We wanted to avoid overwhelming the reader with a wall of text, or producing a verbose document that would be of little practical use....

Published 2024-02-20 · 3 min · 616 words · Trond Teigen
A remote input port for provenance events feeding data into an EvaluateJsonPath processor

NiFi S2S on Secured Instances

Guide to setting up a Site-to-Site (S2S) communication between two secured NiFi instances with user and policy management

Published 2024-02-16 · 13 min · 2654 words · Daniel Aaron Salwerowicz

Team Digital Preservation

In June 2022 the IT Department established a team dedicated to preserving the National Library’s digital collection. This team handles all kinds of digital content, whether it’s digitized from physical sources or born digital. This includes media types like web pages, text documents, images, audio, and moving images. The team’s responsibilities involve ingesting, checking, storing, preserving, and providing access to high-quality digital files. We work closely with several other specialized media teams in the library....

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